FIXED:[ 2020.20625 - x64 - Win10 ] Audio Spectrum Range Bug

Been experiencing a strange issue, think I tracked it down to reproducible steps, and it seems like a bug but only under specific edge cases.

The issue, is that the range of the data in the audio spectrum chop is incorrect, and it wont fix itself until I cut/paste the node back into place.

audioSpectrumBug.4.toe (9.0 KB)

To recreate, open the attached TOE file, you’ll see an audio oscillator (this bug will work with any audio, but results are easier to observe this way), and two blue base comps generating a waveform visual. each are identical, and uses an audio spectrum CHOP:

The first blue comp is connected, when the file loads from startup, it initializes correctly no problem. you can see the red and yellow stretching past the edges, this is the correct range.

Next, connect the second base comp like this:

After I do this, I consistently get a different range for the spectrum chop:

Further findings, if it’s helpful:

  • if you disconnect and reconnect the second blue comp, the range is still incorrect.
  • try cut/pasting the second base comp, after this the range is correct - even if the input is disconnected and reconnected after.
  • however, if the input to comp #2 is disconnected first, THEN cut/pasted back, then reconnected, the range is incorrect again.


Thanks for your report, obviously something isn’t updating correctly so we’ll look into it.

This will be fixed in the next official release. Thanks for the report.