FIXED:BUG: (2021.10330) FBX import from git repo shows wrong geo

I have an fbx import that produces the following geo

The freshly created TDImportCache/panels_combined.tdc and the toe have been pushed to this repo GitHub - AchimKern/td-fbx-issue

If i reopen my local project, it opens as expected.

But if you clone the repo and open the toe the displayed geometry is only a subset of the geometry

You need to reimport the fbx after the initial clone

Seems to be private or something as I cant access that repo. Also do you have the file before you sent it to git so we can compare?

Sorry about that. Does it work now ?

Yes, got it. It is probably git changing the formatting of the fbx somehow.
Do you have the original un-altered file so we can compare? Or I do not understand how to reproduce given the instructions.

I don’t have the file before git. But you basically get it when you hit import on the fbx, which will recreate the tdc

Sorry Ben, I was a bit in a hurry before. Here is more detail: I don’t think the fbx is messed up, because when you re-import the fbx (pulse import button) all is good.

So to reproduce, I recreated a starting point (50.2 KB) .

This should show geometry like in above image 1.

If you take this folder , turn it into a repo, push it to git and the clone it into a new (different) folder, you should see the same symptom (above image 2) when you start the toe

Again, if you now hit import on the fbx COMP, all is good again

I see, so its just weird on startup and a re-import fixes it. Thanks, that helps!

This will be fixed in the next official build we release.

Thank you Eric