FIXED: 2021.10330 no click event on op_viewerComp

hi there
please see the attached toe file , where you can observe that you get no mouse events when clicking on an op_viewer Comp like when you do for example on a window Comp.
or do i miss something?
best regards

no click event.toe (3.5 KB)

If you want clicking events, you might find a PanelSelectCOMP to be what you are looking for instead of an op_ViewerCOMP… does that solve your problem?

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We’ve just recently fixed Select COMP to behave this way, though it hasn’t been released yet.
We will make the same changes to OP Viewer very shortly.

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So both the OP Viewer and the Select COMPs will reflect the panel values of their source in builds 2021.10560 and later.

Thanks for the examples.

brilliant, thank you!