FIXED: [2021.11180] GPU Direct Not Function When Using Nvidia A6000 And Blackmagic Decklink 8k Pro

While using RTX A6000 on build 2021.11180, videoDeviceOutTOP couldn’t recognize my GPU as a Quadro card. So I am not able to use GPU direct on my Blackmagic Decklink 8k pro.

#TD version: 2021.11180, with latest gpu and blackmagic card driver installed.

Thanks for this report. Small bug since they took Quadro out of the name. This will be fixed in builds 2021.11450 and later.

Please try this build out and let us know how it goes.

Thank you Ben, this version works!
But there is another question about the Blackmagic decklink version, which version is the best fit for current version?

We are currently compiled against the 11.2 SDK, but any driver newer than that should work. I’ve tested with v12 drivers and as long as you get the firmware updated correctly (instructions on our wiki) things should work.

Thank you Malcolm, I will update to v12. If there is any issue, I will report to you here.

Hi @ivantsai21 you should now update to the full release build here 2021.12380.

I updated right after you announced the new release! It works perfectly well!

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