FIXED: [2021.11180][W10.20H2] Crash on window opening if on second monitor

I have TD on main monitor and moved a duplicated pane to a second monitor.
If i open any window on the second pane TD instantly crashes. Be a Window COMP or even the ‘OP Create Dialog’.
But if i place the duplicated pane on the main monitor it runs smoothly tho. If i open any kind of window through main window it doesn’t crash either.

Temperature, cpu, gpu and network loads are just great.
I played with Windows ‘Graphic Settings’, windows performance settings, updated nvidia game drivers, updated Windows, reinstalled cpu and network drivers, uninstalled any type of bloatware i’m aware of but nothing changes. Never had problems on other software like adobe suite, unreal engine or ndisplay

It’s a 2 month desktop build:

  • Win10 Pro 20H2
  • Ryzen 9 5900X
  • MSI RTX3090
  • 3 FHD 60Hz Monitors, no G-Sync
  • Latest Touchdesigner 2021.11180


Found the culprit: Nahimic drivers. They came along with asus software but stayed after i uninstalled them… I found it smiling at me on the details tab from windows task manager. Now i’m not sure this was posted on the right place tho… not a TD bug i guess.


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Nahimic drivers are a well known bane to VJs… if you check any of the VJ union forums on facebook (VJ union Global, VJ Union Software etc) there has been a lot of ink spilled over the frustrations they’ve caused

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