FIXED: [2021:11230] Bug: Text TOP has semitransparant pixels while background color has alpha=1

The Text TOP, while using a solid background color with alpha=1, has semi transparent pixels on the anti-aliased edge of fonts in build 2021. (i think it automatically uses Slug font rendering as I have fontsize 30)

demo: open this in build 2020:28110 and 2021:11230

TextTOP_transparant_pixels_in_build_2021.tox (486 Bytes)

Hey @nettoyeur

Thanks for the report.

There is indeed something odd that seems to be only present with Slug.

I’ll add an issue to our database for a developer to look into it.


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This will be fixed in the next build we post. Thanks for the report!

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2021.12360 is now posted with this fix.

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