FIXED: 2021.12380 texture3d error on stock MATs

On my recently updated driver nvdia rtx 2080-MaxQ laptop. Seen this last build and current public, if i put a 3d texture TOP in as the color map or any other texture parameter I get the checker board error pattern on the MAT viewer of Phong and PBR MATs, Constant is fine and functions when used, the other 2 MATs give checker error in my renders as well. If I customize the phong into a GLSL MAT I have to make sure to switch the vert structure’s texcoord to a vec3, so I imagine something isn’t happening under then hood of the Phong/PBR shader to accommodate this or connect vert and frag shaders properly?


Thanks for the report. This will be fixed in builds 2021.13050 and later.