FIXED:2021.13610 - Point SOP color issue

It seems when setting a point SOP to add color that me.inputColor doesn’t work. It just defaults to white…screenshot attached.

Not knowing what is your structure, its difficult to know what appens.
When I do the same with a triangle, it works.

@jacqueshoepffner Yes if I make them a constant it works. I’m trying to keep the input points colors and then modify them, in that circumstance it doesn’t seem to work.

I understand your problem, I tested it and I got the same result. Seems like a bug.

Bug is reported in the system now, thanks. I also edited your spelling @Ennui to make it more TouchDesigner-y. :rofl:

Thanks for the report. This bug will be fixed in the next official build we release, 2021.13990+.