FIXED: [2021.38110 / Win10] 2160p Resolution Drop-Down has Incorrect Horizontal Pixel Count

Hi everyone,

Unless I’ve managed to somehow break my TD installation, I’ve noticed that the 3840x2160 custom resolution preset in the Common page of TOPs is actually filling out 3940 for the horizontal pixel value in the latest experimental build.

Hey @shortwavestatic

Thanks for the report.

Sadly I am unable to reproduce so far. Do you have an example file that showcases this issue ? Do you see the same issue in an empty / new project?


Hi Michel,

Same issue in a completely empty project: I create e.g. a noise TOP (it also happens to the other TOPs I’ve tested), head to the common page, select “3840 x 2160” from the Resolution field drop-down, and the width is set to 3940.

Changing the “Output Resolution” parameter doesn’t seem to affect this (i.e. same issue with “custom”, “use input” etc.

Is it possible I’ve managed to somehow edit this value somewhere?

hey @shortwavestatic

Apologies, I had tried in a dev build.

I can confirm that the issue is fixed on our experimental dev branch. It should be in the next update we publish.


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Great, glad to hear it!