FIXED: 2022.20k parexecDAT doesn't execute when parameter changed via Python

Hi everyone,

we’ve noticed a change in the behavior of the Parameter Execute DAT that we believe to be unintentional, or dare I say … a bug :slight_smile:

When changing a menu parameter’s menuItems / menuLabels from Python, the onValueChange() function
of a parexecDAT observing this menu parameter will not execute in the 2022.20k series of builds.
In 2021.10k builds this works.

Here’s a simple example:

parexec-value-change-bug.toe (4.7 KB)

To reproduce the issue:

  • ctrl.r execute the two textDATs to change the menu parameter on base1
  • observe the menu parameter on the baseCOMP changing
  • par is printed to the textport in 10k via the onValueChange(par, prev) function of the parexecDAT, nothing is printed to the textport when in 20k

Thanks for looking into this!


Hey @WHITEvoid

Thanks for the report.

I’ve logged an issue for a developer to look into it.


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Thanks for the quick reply Michel!

Hi Michel,

have there been any updates on this bug? It still persists in 2022.26590.


Thanks for your patience. We’re having a look

Looks like this was recently fixed in a related bug in builds 2022.26890 and later.

Great to hear Rob, thanks. Looking forward to trying it out!


Can confirm it’s fixed. Thanks!