FIXED: 2022.24200 Object Merge SOP No Longer Working

I believe the Object Merge SOP is no-longer functioning - it is even broken in the operator snippets area.

While I can accurately target SOPs inside of a geo, they do not hold onto their transformed values. Also, you can no longer use a geo/null comp as the transform object… and if you specificy a SOP… the merge entirely disappears?

I am using build 2022.24200 & Windows 10 Pro for workstations.

Thanks for any help or advice!

Also for clarity - the operator snippet that shows Object Merge SOP as bugged, at least for me, is the second option “component transform”

Hi Mallin.
I believe this is the same bug that was recently fixed and will be in an upcoming build:

Rob B

Thanks Rob! Any idea on timeframe for that upcoming release?

Build 2022.26590 is now available with this fix.

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Thank you sir!