FIXED:2022.25370 Cannnot get exported parameter's order from Notch Top

Hi there,
I would like to use builtinPars list to get the order of parameters from notch top on 2022.25370.
But when it comes to automatically created parameters which exported from Notch,
it only gets ‘None’ from the builtinPars list.
Is it a bug? or is there a better way to get parameter order?

The generated Notch parameters should be in the builtinPars list - I tested with a couple blocks in 2022.25370 and it worked as expected. Do you only experience this issue with a specific block?

Thanks for reply.
I’ve testd several blocks like following screenshots.You can see that I only got parameter orders from notch page or common page, other parameter orders are ‘None’.
Or is there any difference between our way to test for this?

Sorry, my mistake, I misunderstood the issue as not being able to retrieve the parameters from the builtinPars list.

FYI the issue is with the par object itself not with builtinPars - you’d run into the same problem doing something like: op('notch1').par.nchimageplane.order.

I’ve fixed the issue for the next official build we release, 2022.26270+.

The parameters will be in order in their respective page lists, so as a workaround in the meantime you could fetch the parameters that way and deduce order from that (ie. op('notch1').pages[i].pars).

Build 2022.26590 is now available with this fix.