FIXED: [2022.28040] Crash when re-cloning an operator in a RayTK test case

In the test case for a RayTK operator that’s still in development, when I try to trigger some ops including a renderer to re-clone, it consistently crashes TD.

The failure message indicates that there’s an error inside the GLSL Multi TOP that’s running the generated shader.

Crashdump file:

Reproducing the conditions that caused it requires a bunch of files and some setup instructions. If needed I can provide all of that.

Hey @tekt

I’m quite sure that this will need files for a dev to reproduce it.

Could you please share the setup or send it to support@ ?


The crash is occuring in compileResult getter for the GLSL TOP. Should be a quick fix if you can share your files.


Steps to reproduce:

  • Open raytk-development.toe (this takes 1-2 minutes)
  • The Toolkit Editor window will open automatically
  • In the far left panel that lists operators, at the bottom, click the button with an “alpha” symbol
  • In the search box just above that, type in: hilbert
  • In the list above, select hilbertCurvePattern (the text is rather dark but it should be the only item under “pattern”)
  • In the test panel in the middle of the window, click “hilbertCurvePattern test”.
  • Click the “Edit Network” button to show the test’s network in the main network editor
  • It will initially be in an error state
  • On render2D, click “Inspect” to open the inspector window to see the generated shader including an error message about a type mismatch (vec2 != ivec2)
  • In the toolkit editor window, click “Process Test”
  • This will go through the ops in the test and update them, which involves pulsing the enablecloningpulse parameters.
  • As part of that, the code in the hilbertPattern1 operator will be updated, triggering the crash.

hey @tekt - thanks for the share

I think I followed all the steps, and the crash didn’t happen after hitting “Process Test” on my end.

Can you please share your hardware / GPU specs again, and driver version?


I think I was just able to reproduce it actually.


OS: Windows 10
GPU: RTX 3080 Ti
GPU driver: 512.96

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Thanks for the sample, this will be fixed in the next build we post.