FIXED: [2121.38110 - Win 10] connect() to COMP, bad behavior

In certain circumstances, calling connect() to try and connect an OP to a COMP’s in results in behavior that I’m hesitant to call broken, but could be improved or made more clear in documentation.

To reproduce:

  1. Create constantCHOP
  2. Create baseCOMP with inCHOP child
  3. Create textDAT with op('constant1').outputConnectors[0].connect(op('base1'))
  4. Run text1 as script
  5. Nothing happens
  6. Replace text1’s text with op('constant1').outputConnectors[0].connect(op('base1').inputConnectors[0])
  7. Functions as intended

So it seems calling connect() on a COMP prioritizes connections via COMPConnectors. This is understandable, but considering a connection to the non-comp Connectors should also occur, instead of the action aborting entirely (plus with no feedback about the failure whatsoever).

If there’s a deeper reason connect() is done this way, I can accept that. If so, however, connect(target) in the Connector Class documentation should be expanded to show

  1. Upstream connections via inputConnectors[i].connect() are possible
  2. The behavior I’ve described, and that use of inputConnectors is how you circumvent it

Thank you for this awesome software!

An error is now generated when trying to connect incompatible types, starting in builds 2021.16430 and later.
However sounds reasonable that chop1.outputConnectors[0].connect(COMP) should work when possible since chop1.outputConnectors[0].connect(chop2) does just that.
We will add it to our list.


Okay, both methods are now supported in 2021.16440+
Thanks for the input.

Thank you!