FIXED: 28040 & 29530 :: Timer CHOP external control wierdness

I’m trying to setup a cascading timeline with a “master” timer and then a few sub-timers that get controlled by different stages of the master timer. My sub-timers have segments that i need to control things. I can set my sub timers to external control via CHOP and it works fine in forward playback.

The problem is that if I want to scrub things back ( because my master timer is set to locked to timeline and i want to scrub around) the externally controlled sub-timers will only tick ahead, if the time channels controlling them step down/backward the timers stay still until i scrub past the last maximum they received from the external control channel. Pretty clear to me why this isn’t cool and I would consider a bug. I assume this is related to some recent fixes/features to timer CHOP.

I get the desired behavior in older builds such as 2021.16410

Oh another interesting fact, if i set the timer i want to externally control to Locked to Timeline I do indeed get the proper behavior ( eg segments can count backward as a scurb the timeline back).

This is a bug I think. It should scrub as (I assume) your segments are fully time-determinate. I’m just driving Timer CHOP’s example5 in Snippets with a Constant CHOP in External mode and seeing it works in 2021 and not in 2022. We’ll have a look.

This will be fixed in builds 2022.29580+