FIXED: 32bit EXR loads incorrectly 2023.11600

windows 11

Saving a top manually as EXR and then loading the same file results in a strange and distorted image.

Loading the same file into 2022 will load properly so the issue seems specific to loading and not saving the EXR file.

Further testing seems to pinpoint the color space of the saved file.

The EXR I am trying to use is a 32bit RG image.
The moviefilein now seems to only load RGBA EXR files properly.

My temporary solution is to add the extra channels before saving, but I think this is still an issue.

Thanks for the report. I can confirm the problem and we’re looking into a solution. We’ll let you know when a fix is available.

Thanks for the report. This bug will be fixed in the next build we post. Build 2023.11640 and later