FIXED: About the Nvidia Flex build in 2022 build

Hi, guys. We have occured an issue when we apply the Nvidia Flex TOP to manipulate the velocity of Nvidia Flex Solver in the newest 2022.24200 build. The example we have played is similar like this video tutorial:Nvidia Flex Solver - part II (Touchdesigner tutorial) - YouTube. By using the Nvidia Flex TOP and Noise TOP to simulate the motion of Flex Solver COMP. It works smooth back to 2021 build, after we migrated to 2022 build, the Nvidia Flex TOP not worked correctly, the direction of velocity is out of control of the Noise TOP

.Would you mind help us to sort it out? Thanks

we are investigating this feedback bug with ennui.

Looking forward to the great result

I expect you’re running into the same issue as this:

This will be fixed in the next official build we release, 2022.24310+.

Thank you for answering.

2022.25370 was posted, does the fix work for your setup?

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Yes, it fixed. Thanks!

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