FIXED: Add Frame button not working on Movie File Out TOP

Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6
2019.18360 (Latest)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a simple network to render anything
  • Connect the network to a Movie File Out TOP
  • Make sure the Type is set to ‘Image’.
  • Click on ‘Add Frame’

Expected result:
If I remember correctly, this creates an image export of the current frame and saves it to the current folder.

Nothing happens. Clicking on ‘Record’ on and off seems to work as expected.

Still an issue in 2019.30790

Thanks for the report. This has been fixed in 2019.19160, which was posted on Sept 18th.

Hi Malcolm,

19160, so it’s an earlier version? I’m still able to reproduce this issue on the latest Mac version. Both movie and images work as expected if you use the ‘Record’ button, but the ‘Add Frame’ button doesn’t really do anything.

You are still able to reproduce it in 2019.19160? If you are referring to 2019.30790, that was released in Aug and doesn’t have the fix either, as the fix wasn’t done util Sept. Sorry for the confusion if so. Thanks

Oh, I see… Must be an experimental build, which makes sense. Thanks for keeping an eye on these bugs!