FIXED: After save, file does not open

Hi to all. There was a problem, the file not opening after saving. Errors do not appear when trying to open it. What to do?
brusheds_another_proto2.toe (31.7 KB)
TD version 2022.28040

I can replicate the issue. It’s in the bug queue. Will let you know if we can rescue your file.

Thank you. I hope that it will be possible to save the file.

You can also add the word ‘CrashAutoSave’ at the start of your filename to open the file in ‘safe mode’. E.g, rename the file to CrashAutoSave.brusheds.toe. This ensures you can always open the file and get the contents.
The crash here is occurring due a bug in the GLSL compiler. If you remove your GLSL MATs (or change the code a bit potentially), then you can avoid the crash for now. I’m looking into a full fix though.

General advice on managing mis-behaviors: Troubleshooting in TouchDesigner - Derivative

This crash will be fixed in builds 2022.28550 and later. Thanks for the report and sorry for the inconvenience.