FIXED: Bad performance in 2022 builds when replicating many GLSL TOPs

Win11, RTX3080,

Comparing 2022.31030 to 2021.16960 I’ve noticed a significant drop in performance in one of my setups that utilizes many replicated GLSL TOPs.

I’ve created a basic (non-functional and non-sensical) model of my setup to make sure nothing else interferes (so even removed the replicator) and currently the setup consists of:

base comp with GLSL TOP (very simple GLSL code, multiplying two input textures)
base comp copied a bunch of times (223 times)
script to connect a noise TOP to the inputs of all base COMPs
composite to composite all outputs

What I observe is:
2021.16960 build: 60 FPS
2022.31030 build: 17 FPS!

This could imply that in general GLSL performance is much worse in 2022, or could be the case only when there’s a lot of them.

Attached are the project files.
glslperftest2021.toe (13.9 KB)
glslperftest2022.toe (19.5 KB)

The original setup is my LayerSep component (tutorial video) which relies heavily on replicating GLSL TOPs and it is barely usable in 2022 builds which makes me very sad and concerned.

Would be grateful to receive any feedback on this issue!


I think the slowdown is just in the Composite TOP, trying to combine all of these inputs together. If I make it’s resolution 1x1, I get the same perf in both versions (34 FPS).
I don’t get 60FPS on my 3080ti though, what GPU are you using to get 60FPS in the 2021.10000 series?

Oh nm, I get 60fps when I’m at the top level, looking at the network of all the nodes was what was limiting me to 34fps

The performance for the Composite TOP should be improved in the next build we post, thanks for the sample!

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Hi Malcolm,

Glad we were able to uncover the performance issue with the Composite TOP, however - maybe a bit misleadingly - my original setup does not use any Composite TOPs, rather I am using the output of each Base COMP as an instance texture. I still strongly believe there to be something wrong in the GLSL TOP in 2022 builds so if you don’t mind I’ll be sending an email to support with the original setup.

Hope we can uncover something else under the hood!

Thanks for the next example. The texture for the extra color buffers in the GLSL TOP were being reallocated every frame due to them being used for mipmaping. This is now fixed and perf is at 60fps in your other example as well.

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Awesome news! So next release this should be fixed?

yep, it’s commited