FIXED:Bind CHOP: Can't set bound parameter with Python after updating CHOP input (Windows 2020.25380)

Hey there, I’m having trouble updating an OP parameter via python immediately after changing the parameter via a bind CHOP – the behavior appears buggy because the parameter updates fine via python if it was most recently updated directly in the OP’s parameters window. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open attached tox file bindChopNoPythonOverride.tox (1.1 KB)
  2. Use the slider to change the bound value to something other than 0
  3. Run the text DAT, the bound parameter does not update
  4. Now select the constant1 OP and update the alpha param to any value directly from its parameters window
  5. Run the text DAT again, the bound parameter does update

I’m new to the bind CHOP, so apologies if I’m missing something key here. Please let me know if you need any more info to reproduce, thank you!

Windows build 2020.25380

Sounds like a bug. Thanks for the detailed report, we’ll look into it.

No problem! One additional note: I’m finding if I log all arguments passed to the Bind CHOP’s onValueChange callback, the chan arg differs if the change comes from the slider input vs. the direct alpha parameter. Specifically, when the update comes from the bound parameter, the chan arg equals the prev arg; when the update comes from the input CHOP, chan logs equal to val (which I believe would be the expected behavior in all cases)


Both issues are now fixed in builds 2020.26340 and later.


Awesome, stoked to hear as this will huge for my project :)) thanks for the update!

@benjaminben If you are in a time critical situation for your project, you can contact us at support for an internal build. Otherwise we expect to update the posted build next week sometime.

Next week is great thanks so much @ben