FIXED:Bottom Scroll position for Container COMPs TouchDesigner 099.20140

Windows 10
TouchDesigner 099.20140

Weird one here… I can’t tell if I’m missing something here, if this is expected behavior, or if I’ve stumbled on a bug.

Quick description of the problem. A container holds a set of widgets or containers. This set of COMPs is larger than the display area of the parent container. Consequently the vertical scroll bar is enabled.

So far, so good.

When opening the container (right click view, or using a window COMP) for the first time, the scroll bars slip to the bottom of the container rather than the top.

This is some very confusing behavior. That looks a bit inconsistent. See the attached video to see multiple attempts to open a window the a scroll bar and get consistent results.

Attached is also a simple tox you can use to hopefully replicate the behavior:
base_scroll_bar_oddities.tox (362.0 KB)

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Yeah, This behavior has been bugging me for a while. Was curious why it wouldn’t default to put the operator with a parent assignment of 0 into view when going into these type of viewing scenario’s :slight_smile:

This is now fixed for the next release:
2019.37230 and later.


Brilliant! Thank you @rob