FIXED:Bullet Solver Comp might be rockign a memory leak?

Bullet Solver seems to be eating up my system memory. Someone said I should report it as a memory leak, so I made a little video of what’s going on.

But I also have lots inside that bullet solver so text can drift and I can scribble lines. Heres a picture.

I’m running on 2020.200020 PC - My system is

I love everything about all y’all.

Thanks for the report. Could you also send us your toe file so we can take a closer look? If you don’t want to send it here on the forum you can send it to us via email at

Hey - I figured out exactly what was going on. In I had the setting “Perform Contact Test” enabled, which caused it to eat up memory (probably constantly storing the information about what’s touching what". Turning that off solves the problem. I tested it with the default silver, which seems okay until you add a few extra actors in there. But yes - .Toe, etc. I’ll email it because it has some Twitter API keys I’d rather not share.

This will be fixed in the next official build.