FIXED:Bullet Solver + Kinect 2 Issues

I’ve been running into a few issues while working with Bullet Solver and a Kinect 2:

I noticed an issue where an actor with geometry that is set up to mirror movement from the Kinect (is constantly changing) which has Update Collision Shape and Infinite Mass set to on will not produce collisions with other actors. Instead, the other actors will move through the infinite mass actor as if the Active parameter is set to off. If either Update Collision Shape or Infinite Mass are set to off, the collision functions as you’d expect.

Interestingly, I noticed that this behavior doesn’t occur when the Always Simulate parameter is set to on.

I also noticed another issue with TouchDesigner consistently crashing when a user enters or leaves the Kinect’s view. This seems to be related to the same actor with the Kinect-driven geometry as above, and happens regardless of whether the simulation is running or initialized. I tried a number of things to troubleshoot this issue and found that:

  • Setting the actor’s Active and Update Collision Shape to off does not produce a crash. However, if either are turned on at any point with the Kinect connected (and not using Kinect Studio), TouchDesigner crashes.
  • I tried to simulate the Kinect gaining/losing track of a user by switching between empty and dummy data and the Kinect CHOP, both manually and with a Replace CHOP. In both cases, this did not cause TouchDesigner to crash.
  • I tried connecting/disconnecting Kinect Studio and noticed that this also did not cause a crash. The network seems to function normally with a Kinect Studio recording playing back as well.

My specs are:
• TD Version: 2021.16410
• OS: Windows 10
• GPU: Geforce RTX 3070 Laptop

I’ve attached the network below for reference. Let me know if I can provide any additional information!

bullet_solver_bug.toe (7.5 KB)

+1 - I’ve had strange behaviour with the Bullet solver.

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Thanks for the report - I’m taking a look into the issues.

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I’ve fixed the collision shape bug when having both Update Collision Shape and Infinite Mass toggles enabled.

I’ll try to reproduce the Bullet + Kinect crash. If you have any dmp files from your crashes could you send those over?

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Definitely! Here you go:
TouchDesignerCrash.2021.16410.14.dmp (355.4 KB)

Thanks, I’ve fixed the crash. It and the other collision shape bug fix will be in the next official build we release: 2021.16750+.

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Awesome, thanks for the update!