FIXED: Cache TOP "replace single" pulse unexpectedly alters other indices


When working with cache TOP with active set to off, and manually adding frames with the pulse, the option to “replace single” with a pulse seems to shift other frames when the cache is not filled up to its max size.
This is not intended behavior, am I right? I assume the “replace single” should always only replace that specific index, without moving or altering other indices.

Here is a minimal setup to reproduce:

I was stepping through the timeline and pulsing activepulse manually each frame, then pulsing replacepulse before the cache was at its cachesize size.

Hi @aulerius,

thanks for the example, this off behavior seems to be occurring when the first cache slot to be filled is not at index 0. We’ll have a look at it. Tested this in build 2023.11600.


This will be fixed in the next build we post. Thanks for the report!

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