FIXED: Can't connect to all inputs of Base COMP

using build 2023.11340

I’ve made a Base COMP and in it I have a script that creates ‘in TOPs’ and for some reason I can’t plug TOPs into all of the inputs of the Base. I’ve tried setting the ‘connect order’:

..(runs within a for loop)
in_nodes[ x ].par.connectorder = x

if I do ..= x +1 then i can connect a few more inputs than before, but only if I connect them in a certain order(?).
if i don’t give the inputs any ‘connect order’ I can only connect to every second input.
I feel like this is a bug, but i could be missing something, but I’m going TOP to TOP so I don’t see the problem.

Any help, if possible, would be appreciated!

Hey @Clabbe

I looked into this and I am not sure I am following everything you are doing.

We’ll need an example file to try and replicate.

I was able, so far, to connect every individual input after creating n inputs from a script.


Multi_Screen.tox (3.3 KB)

Try this tox.
Its preconfigured to 6 inputs.
I tried it in a seperate scene and found that i could only connect to input 1,2,4,6, after that i could connect to input 3 and 5.
if i then delete all the input nodes and create a another TOP node that i connect to the inputs they all connect fine. i can only repeat the bug by deleting the tox and dragging in a new one.
the order of accepted inputs seem to change depending in what TOP i try to connect.

Thanks for digging on this one with me!

When you say connect inputs, do you mean

  • manually by dragging a TOP output to one of the Multi_Screen ?
  • or using python to connect a TOP A to an Input n?


Manually dragging: from output to input.
I’ve to yet to come to that stage in my code, maybe it would be better to reference the nodes i want by name and just let the script connect the inputs.

Can you capture a video ? there is no issue on my end.

Arguably your code is too Python involved and could be done with the new Sequence parameters and / or a Replicator, or a combination of both.

You could also look into the Splitter COMP in the palette which might be what you are after.


here i’m only having trouble with input one, until i switch them around.

Is your timeline paused ? Is the realtime flag turned off?

Are you on windows or MacOS?
are you using a mouse or a trackpad?

Timeline and realtime are on. Win11. Mousepad.


One of our developer was able to reproduce and this is logged to be investigated further.


Thats great to hear, I guess!
And thanks for the advice on the replicator!

Best regards.

Thanks for the report and finding this rather obscure bug. This will be fixed in the next build. For a work around you could let go of the mouse when you see a wire appear to the input you want to connect while you are dragging near it. Or alternatively, click select the output and then click select the input instead of a mouse down drag.

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