FIXED:Collision messages are inaccurate

Using TouchDesigner Experimental 2019.11370 on macOS

The collision messages coming out of the Bullet Solver CHOP are never accurate. It either misses a collision, activates when there is no collision, or all objects send a collision message at the same time. When the current frame rate goes lower, it gets even more inaccurate. Doubling the simulation sample rate doesn’t seem to improve it either. Lots of flashing on and off of all objects at once.

Do you have the same problem with the collision callback on the Bullet Solver COMP, or is it just the CHOP?

Same happening for me, espesially on high velocities. So it seems, that collision happening in betweed frames… Callbacks works better (but not 100% all collisions), but chop sometimes missing a lot of a collision.

Sorry for the delay on this. I’ve fixed the issues with inaccurate collision values on the Bullet Solver CHOP. These fixes will be in the next official build, 2019.17170+.

If you’re still having problems with collision values in the next build, post an example here and I’ll address it.

Thank you man. Right on time, I am hosting a workshop on this at TDSummit