FIXED: Colour Lover Palette Picker not working

So one of my beloved tox’s from the forum is no longer working in the most recent version of TD.
Both versions, the original and the 0.8 update show alot of blanks when initially loading them. Also when you try to refresh to pull new palettes from the web, pretty much nothing happens.

I want to say it has something to do with the cache containers inside the color_data container. I see see them containing all the palettes but they arent being populated for some reason

I actually use both of these so would be nice if they both worked properly. Ill take a look at fixing it on my own as well.

Colors_v0.8.tox (47.2 KB)
colour_lovers_picker_0.tox (176.8 KB)

Before - 2021.16410

After - 2022.24200

Thanks for the report. We’re drilling down on the problem now. Should be fixed in next release

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Thanks Ivan!

I’ve tried to fix it using 3D texture instead cache.
It’s a workaround but it may work.

colour_lovers_picker_2022.tox (189.3 KB)

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We’re still working on this, fix is on the schedule for next release


Build 2022.26590 is now available with this fix.

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