FIXED: Cooking/Export Bug on 2021.11180 Release

Hi derivative team so I’m working on a project and I was using the 2021.11180 buld and noticed a bug. So im exporting a custom parameter from a container to another container parameter inside the main container. but when changing the value it doesn’t make the action and also the exporting line cant be seen, werdly if I stop cooking the 2nd operator the export line appears. I opened the same toe on the 2020.46540 and it works well.

Attached some screenshots



Ignore this if it’s already been reported


Hey @Akenbak

Yes, looks similar to the following FIXED: Using CHOP channels as parameters for a container COMP not working [2021.11180 - Win10]

It will be fixed in builds 2021.11770 and later.


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oh, nice to hear that
Thank you Michel

2021.12360 is now posted with this fix.

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Nice to hear that, Thank you @ben