FIXED: CPlusPlus OpenGLTOP xcode build error: "run destination"

I’m running macos 10.14.6 (Mojave), and XCode 11.3 (11C29). In trying to compile the sample CPlusPlus OpenGLTOP, I get the following error:

"Cannot run “OpenGLTOP” without a run destination. Select a run destination to perform this action.

I’ve searched online exhaustively for solutions, but none seem to work. Has anyone run into this build issue, and found a workaround?



It sounds like you’re trying to run the sample, rather than just compile it. In Xcode, does Product > Build succeed?

To debug your work in TouchDesigner, you will have to add TouchDesigner as an executable for the Run scheme:

  1. In the top toolbar in Xcode, click OpenGLTOP > Edit Scheme
  2. Select the Run scheme in the window which pops up (it’s probably already selected)
  3. Click the menu beside Executable and select Other…
  4. Navigate to TouchDesigner (usually in /Applications) and select that

However - I’ve just noticed there’s a problem which prevents Xcode attaching the debugger to our recent builds (certainly on macOS 10.15, but I’d imagine it affects 10.14 too). You can still use the built plugins in TouchDesigner in the usual way, but you can’t run TouchDesigner in the debugger. We’re working on a fix right now.