FIXED: Crash on startup in perform mode when password protected and perform window does not exist

TD2023.11600 Win11, TD Pro License;

I have a project that is password protected, and launches in perform mode. However the specified monitor does not exist - I get prompted for it as usual that TD will attempt to open in an available monitor, I briefly see a stripped down/half loaded/empty editor, and TD silently crashes.

There is no way to recover from this without connecting the correct specified perform monitor, as CrasAutoSave is not available in privacy mode, essentially making me currently locked out from my project file.

I should add that even when it’s not password protected, TD will in fact not open the perform window in the “substitute” monitor, but just open the editor.


sorry for the trouble and thanks for reporting this.
I can replicate and it’s logged.


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This will be fixed in builds 2023.11644 and later.
Thanks for the example.

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