FIXED: Crash when setting file parameter of a table DAT to an existing file [2020.42700]

There’s a bug in 2020.42700 that causes a hard crash without any CrashAutoSave or dmp file, triggered by:

  1. Create a table DAT
  2. Right click and save to a file
  3. In the file parameter of that DAT, click the button to open the file browser
  4. Select that same file and choose Open.

If you change the Default Read Encoding to something other than Auto Detect, it works properly.

Except then if you set the Sync To File and make changes to the table, it sometimes crashes in the same way.

I followed your instructions and no crash. My table was just 2x2 with random characters, and I used all default settings. I tried saving the file out as .py and then .dat, both times it loaded without complaining.

Do you have any more info, or perhaps a .toe file with the example offending Table DAT?

I was able to reproduce a crash on empty files only. Is that the issue? This will be fixed in the next 40k Official. Thanks for the report.

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Yes, it was an empty file.
Thanks for the quick response!