FIXED: Cursor disappearing often in 2020 builds when using value ladder

Did something change with how the cursor is handled in Middle Mouse Button Click-N-Drag value ladder adjustment? My cursor goes invisible, but doesn’t seem to be locked to that start location anymore because as I drag, whenever invisible cursor passes over some Windows UI element that would cause the cursor to change (like to text input bar, or window edge-drag, or hand instead of cursor) it blinks on for a sec.

And more annoyingly, now whenever I release after a value ladder adjustment my cursor is invisible until I properly guess where it is and click out of the parameter pane into somewhere in the network editor.

Just curious. Could be a windows bug too. Or is this a fix for the problems using value ladder in TeamViewer?? cause that would be awesome.

@Peeet We did not touch the value ladder at all, so this is curious.
What version of Windows (build#) you on? Are you saying this is in regular operation or when using TeamViewer?

Here’s a demo. I MMB Click and start dragging, but certain elements start highlighting or changing the cursor when I pass over them. I have found that the ONLY time the cursor disappears when I release MMB is when I release while the cursor is over the border of the parameter pane (when the cursor switches to double-headed sideways arrows)

It still always shows the cursor outside of TD, or even in the Palette, but not the network editor or parameter panel. As soon as I click somewhere in the network grid, the cursor returns to normal.

So I went back and tested the last five versions, and it shows up in all the 2020. builds (aka bug is not present in 2019.20700, but is preset in 2020.20020)

I am using Windows 10 LTSC Version 1809 Build 17763.1131

And this happens on both local or remote usage. And Actually I just now tried using it over a remote desktop software (AnyDesk, not TeamViewer) and it unfortunately does not negate the “value ladder aggressively accelerates” limitation that has always been present when working over most remote desktop solutions (as mentioned here TeamViewer & Middle Mouse Slider broken)

I can move this to a thread in the bug forum if need be, just wasn’t sure till now if it was a bug or a feature.

We have heard of other people finding the cursor disappears sometimes until you click back in the network editor in 2020, but you are the first to show us enough detail to hopefully reproduce it.

Yeah, I’ll shift it to bugs!


For the record, i am facing this issue under macOS 10.14.6

Due to @Peeet helpful specific steps above, we were able to reliably reproduce the issue and it will be fixed in the next build we post! (2020.22570+)

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I have the exact same problem on Windows 10 in 2020.28110

Yeah some sort of weird version of this bug is back. Sometimes middle clicking in and out of the window fixes it but occasionally I’ve had to restart TD.

Between this and the AnyDesk middle-click, shenanigans I think I just need to figure out how to to make a little MIDI encoder or modifier key + mouse wheel mapping to the network editor parameters pane

@Peeet Does it start in a similar was as before, when clicking on Window edges or the like?
Is it just with MMB? (I have to admit i never use MMB anymore for value ladder, I got with LMB, so I just might not being running into it)

@ben No, whatever the issue is now, it’s much harder to pin down / re-create than before. I had it happen semi-regularly on a media server that I have running at a TV studio, but they’re on hiatus right now so I can’t try it out there.

The only real clue I have is that it seems to coincide with whenever a perform window gets stuck to my cursor after attempting to drag said window by it’s titlebar. I regularly have a couple TD processes running, sometimes with multiple perform / network editor windows open (I know I know bad practice - sue me) and occasionally I beleive TD “misses” the “mouseUp” trigger when I’m done dragging and thus the perform (or sometimes network editor) window will continue following the mouse cursor even when the mouse button is released.

I’ve gotten very used to giving the mouse a little wiggle after every window move just to see if it’s free and if not, a couple clicks later it will let go. That’s always happened for as long as I’ve used TD… But recently sometimes after that, if the immediate next action is to attempt to use MMB (or even your mac friendly “holding down LMB” method :–) the value ladder will not pop up - almost as if the window is not in focus, or maybe TD is not expecting two “mouseDown” triggers in a row from the mouse. Clicking on the Windows desktop (often just with LMB, sometimes you actually have to click with MMB) and then clicking back into TD will often fix it.

Despite that, occasionally at the tv studio this would not fix it and I had to restart that TD process, but I can’t say why until I have access to test on that computer again (not through AnyDesk)

TLDR: Honestly this is not nearly as much of a nuisance as the previous version of this bug, and it’s probably related to having (at least for me) too many TD windows open and TD “missing” the ‘mouseUp’ message coming from the mouse. It’s almost always fixed by taking the TD window in question out of, and back into focus. AKA don’t lose sleep over it.

Thanks for the tip on Perform Windows and floating windows. I can definitely get it when using ‘Open as Separate Window’ on my Window COMPs, tho as you said it is hard to determine the trigger, even if it happens easily