[FIXED] Custom Par / Page: Can't Delete or Reorder

Using the custom parameter menu, I can’t delete or reorder parameters and page.

I’ve attached a video. It’s from this project: github.com/GregFinger/TD-GLSL-I … ng-Utility

However, on other projects it’s not a problem, so I’m not sure what happened to this specific project.

Windows TD 2019.18580
custom_param_reorder_delete_bug.mov (616 KB)

Good find! This is a bug caused by having constantly changing parameter values on a component you’re trying to edit. Will be fixed in later builds, but for now you can run this line in the textport to make it work:

You’ll have to do this every time you load TD, or make an executeDAT that does it for you.

Please mark this post fixed when you confirm this works for you.

Yup that does the trick