FIXED: DATs not updating with external text editor

Currently using Sublime Text 3. First time saving after opening the DAT in an external editor it will save and update the DAT, but after that at some point saving will no longer update the DAT. Then I have to quit the editor and reopen it. Haven’t tested on my Mac yet.

Windows 10
TD 2019.18360

This bug is fixed in 2019.18500+, and we’ll get a new build out soon. My apologies for the frustration and thank you for your patience. It is windows only and only certain editors (Sublime, VSCode is the ones I know about)

Thank you! You might want to check out Atom as well. That’s never worked for me on Windows, but I just put up with Notepad++ until I started working on Mac as well.

It should be fixed for all the editors. On windows we get an editor terminated signal that we now ignore, we are only watching for file changes so it shouldn’t matter what editor. macOS never had the issue because it launches processes a bit differently.

I’ll take a look at Atom. Do you recall what what kind of issues you had with it? This particular bug has been around for a while but a timing change made it appear a lot more frequently.

I just discovered this issue today. :slight_smile:

Or something related, saving in the external editor works once. Then I need to open a new instance of the file.

I’m on sublime 3

Selina, it was the same issue with Atom, it would launch but saving wouldn’t update the DAT.

I have the same issue with vscode; when I save the file there, it doesn’t get updated in TouchDesigner

I’m using version 2019.30550 on Windows

The new builds with fixes have been posted. Please try official build 18580 and experimental build 30790.