FIXED: Display Pixel Value in TOPs Font Color


I would like to request a feature that allows pixel value display to be much more readable. Especially, when examining 32 bit float textures, where everything is white due to pixel values going beyond the standard 0-1. It’s pretty much impossible to read the values.

An invert composite of the pixel value display and the TOP image would do wonders. :smiley:

Thank you!


Ooooo +10

This actually should have been happening, but a bug broke it. Fixed now. Thanks for the report!



the attached is a screen shot of build 2019.17550. I dropped a constant chop with all white texture, and I tried to do the view pixel value. But as you can see from the screenshot, it’s still white on white.

Am I missing a setting somewhere or? I am not sure what you fixed, but nothing changed as far as I can tell.

Screenshot (14).png