FIXED: Drop down menu doesnt appear correctly when dragging nodes on nodes


usually when i dragged nodes on nodes, like a TOP onto a pbr MAT, the little arrow that appears had a plus sign attached to it and the menu that appeared said things like: parm: metallic map, parm: colormap, parm: emit map and all that, but it doesn’t do that anymore. it just shows the little arrow without anything else and if i drop a TOP onto a pbr MAT it just uses it as a substance TOP, no options to choose from.

also if i drag a null COMP onto a light or camera COMP, it doesnt show lookat anymore, just constrain to. also the plus sign on the little arrow is gone :frowning:

is this something i can get back through the preferences? i already looked there but didn’t find anything.


Thanks, we can reproduce the issue here and are investigating.

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This will now be fixed in builds 2021.10550 and later.

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