FIXED: enableColor in custom C++ not allocating colors in VBO

To reproduce, open the pre-compiled SimplesShapes sample operator included in the TouchDesigner distribution and toggle the GPU Direct flag. This segfaults on both macOS and Windows build version 2023.11170.

I’m 90% sure the title is correct from debugging my own custom operator that shares similar behavior. After enableColor is called prior to allocVBO, getColors returns a null ptr which is then dereferenced to write the color data.

Haven’t tried to reproduce on the stable release.

Okay, just confirmed this is totally working on the current stable build, will close.

Hello @tychedelia

Ideally if there is an issue in Experimental we should get it fixed because it risks to carry over to stable when the Experimental branch becomes stable.

So I will log this to get looked into.


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This will be fixed in the next build we post, 2023.11193+


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yay! tysm, i much prefer being on the experimental channel