FIXED: Engine COMP internal errors

I have noticed few bugs in Engine COMP so I thought I might post them here. I am attaching simple scene with two tox files. Both of them contain Text TOP that is being driven by Timer CHOP. Only difference is that one of them uses Null CHOP with selective cooking to output data to Text, while the other one uses null with automatic cooking.

Both of these toxes produce error when Engine COMP power parameter is being switched off and back on. Tox with “selective null” causes internal error of Engine COMP, while tox with “automatic null” stops cooking after a while. I am also attaching video to better demonstrate what is happening. I am using version 2020.22080 on Windows 10. Thanks.

base_test_automatic.tox (830 Bytes)
base_test_selective.tox (846 Bytes)
TestEngine.10.toe (4.0 KB) (828.0 KB)

Hey - thanks for the report and useful examples. This issue’s fixed in the next 20000 release.

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These bugs should now be fixed in 2020.26630, let us know if you find any strange behavior.

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