FIXED: Experimental 2021.38110 - RayTK rendering strobes

RayTK renderers are exhibiting some strange behavior in Vulkan.

The raymarchRender3d shader in some cases works fine, but in others, it will output nothing, except while parameters are being adjusted, at which point it flickers on and off.

The render2d shader also works fine in some cases. But in others the output strobes RGB, sometimes showing distorted versions of what it should be rendering and sometimes showing solid colors.

raytk-38110-test.toe (679.1 KB)

This is in Windows 10, with an RTX 2080Ti, driver version

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Let the growing pains commence.

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Hey @tekt

Thanks for the report and sample file with details.

I was able to see the inconsistencies on my end (3080 RTX, driver 497.29)

I have logged an issue for a developer to look into it.


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Seems like these issues are resolved in the latest builds