FIXED: Experimental Build missing face tensor packages


Trying to get a face tracking plus body tracking network set up, which requires the Experimental TD build.

Face Track CHOP using 68 landmarks model shows this error - Face Track CHOP 'Failed to load feature': File could not be found

When I manually copy these face landmark tensor package files from the Stable build config/models over to the Experimental build models, the Face Track CHOP starts working.

Is there a reason why these (presumably Nvidia) files are left out of the Experimental build?

OS: Windows 11
TD Build: 2023.10130

Thanks for the report. Those files were accidentally missed when we switched to a new installer system for the 2023 release. They have been added for the next update. In the meantime, as you realized, they can be downloaded from Nvidia or copied from our 2022 release.

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