FIXED: Export Movie is broken in Mac

macOS Mojave 10.14.5
TD Build 2019.16600

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a TD project.
  2. Navigate to File > Export Movie
  3. Select the TOP and CHOP to export
  4. Select the settings as needed (issues below usually happen when selecting MPEG4).
  5. Try to export the movie by pressing start.

Expected result:
The movie is exported without any issues, and including all selected content.


  1. Audio and video are not exported.
  2. After selecting the codec, the Filename field changes to ‘$’ and it’s impossible to change it again.
  3. Clicking on the filename ‘folder’ button allows you to set a name, and sometimes it does export video after that (but not audio). Example filename ‘’, which saves as ‘’ (but at least works).
  4. Sometimes pressing ‘Start’ stops immediately and nothing is rendered.

2019-07-12_22-46-06 (1).gif

Still an issue in 2019.17750

Sorry, we did not have time to look at this issue before 2019.17550. Have you tried using the Movie File Out TOP for exporting movies, this is more common workflow.

Please try the Export Movie dialog in 2019.18300. These issues have been addressed. There are still more advanced options in the Movie File Out TOP so its worth a look as well.

Hi Ben,

I’m so sorry, I’ve not been getting any notifications/updates… for some reason my filter has been sending the derivative emails straight to junk mail.

I just had a chance to check this, and it seems like it’s not longer an issue. Thanks so much for looking into it. Apologies for not replying to the other posts.