FIXED: FLEX fx desn´t work

Hello i was doing a project with flexCHOP.dll on version 2019.19160 but i updated to version 2019.19930
and now at start TouchDesgner is always asking for some dependences like NvFlexDeviceRelease_x64.dll and NvFlexReleaseCUDA_x64.dll

All in the same folder like before but it doesn´t work… anybody know if any folder chages? or dependences?

I´m working on pc, windows 10 pro and Nvidia 1060


Hey, are you using it as a CPlusPlus CHOP or as a Custom Operator?

Hey !! I’m using this.

Guessing it’s the custom op then?
Does the chop say Flex or Cplusplus?


Loads fine for me in 2019.19930 in both cases, but just tested on my dev pc.

Also loads fine for me in experimental though I think you’d need to add the cuda 9.2 dll. In last experimental the GLSL shader that does the instancing gives a weird result though, but looks fine with a regular phong/PBR, must be something to do with the changes related to instancing, haven’t looked into it

Looking into the instancing issues

ok, instancing issue is fixed. The ‘vec3’ mode for ‘Arrays’ in the GLSL MAT was busted.

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Thanks to both!!!


Thanks Malcolm! Seems the fix didn’t make it in time for 2019.33840, next one :wink: