FIXED: Floating parameter info context menu doesn't stay open on COMPs

If I RMB click on the info button in a floating parameters on a TOP, it stays open, as expected:

However, if I do the same thing on a floating parameters of a COMP, the context menu doesn’t stay open. Here’s me repeatedly right-clicking on it:

Win 10

Further testing: now the context menu isn’t opening at all on right click, on a floating parameters which has been opened for a while, of a COMP which has been customized additionally in the last 20min. Left click is displaying the white info popup, however.

EDIT: I just closed the floating parameters, and reopened, and now the context menu is opening and staying open on right-click, so I’m guessing it may not be straightforward to reproduce the issue.

I can reproduce in the base project, geo1.

I’m logging this as an issue to be looked into.


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A fix will be available in the next build we post.

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