FIXED: GLSL compile problems with locked DATs 2018.25850

Windows 2018.25850

I can encounter false positives and false negatives when locking dats that are used as pixel shaders for GLSL Multis. I lock the dat when the shader’s working, make a modification that should break it, but it remains compiled. I can also start with an invalid shader, lock it, correct it, but it remains broken.

2018-10-02 11_38_29-TouchDesigner_ C__Users_david.braun_Desktop_GLSL_Compile_bug.1.toe.png
2018-10-02 11_39_09-TouchDesigner_ C__Users_david.braun_Desktop_GLSL_Compile_bug.1.toe_.png
GLSL_Compile_bug.1.toe (3.74 KB)

Thanks, we’re looking at it.

This is now fixed, sorry about that. Thanks for the report! Build 2018.26540 or later.