FIXED: Glsl Mat uniform Matrix issue

Spent all day trying to find an issue while working on a glsl Mat using custom uniform matrices called uWorld and uProj. Turns out that it’s about the names “uWorld” and “uProj”. The values stay constant no matter what I assign to them. Nevertheless you get a warning if you don’t assign them.

I tried to create a small example file:bug.toe (4.5 KB)

Thanks for the report. Ya I use those names internally for a lot of our internal shaders. I’ll try to make a fix so I’m not pushing those values onto shaders coming from GLSL MAT or TOPs

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In builds 2021.11860 and later uniforms uProj and uWorld will not be internally be used by our renderer, so they’ll properly take on the values you assign them in the GLSL TOP and MAT

We sorted this out and you can get it now in 2021.12360