FIXED: Help : Crash on M1 Mac when using Metaballs


I’m in a massive rush for a project/event so any help would be much appreciated.

Touchdesigner keeps crashing when I connect some noise up to the x and y position of a metaball.

I have an M1 mac, 16GB Ram. i can’t post a link as i’m a new user but i can share the text with someone.

Kind regards

This appears to be happening on intel macs as well

Yeah, I spoke with support, and they were able to recreate it on intel as well.

No workaround right now, they haven’t yet identified the memory corruption.

Will have to wait and see.

I am using M1 Mac and can not recreate any crash with the most basic Noise moving a Meatball SOP.

Here is my example file, can you confirm this is similar to your setup?

metaballMove.toe (3.9 KB)

I am able to reproduce some metaball crashes on windows. We are investigating.

My English is not very good and this is my first time posting on a forum, so sorry if my writing is strange.

I was also doing a youtube tutorial using metaball on my M1 Mac and it crashed.

However, I opened the metaballMove.toe (3.9 KB) shared by ben and it did not crash.

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Welcome to the forum! Thanks for that feedback, interesting that it is working with my file.

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This crash should now be fixed, thanks for the report! Fix will be in builds 2022.27220 and later.