FIXED: High GPU usage with VIdeo Device In set to Directshow mode and laptop webcam

:partying_face: I have found the cause of this problem (the one that I have described in edit part of previous post), and it isn’t related to Engine as I was previously thinking (sorry for that). I was just tricked into thinking there might be something going on with Engine, but it was all related just to placing Video Device In TOP in project…

If I add Video Device In TOP to a project with higher GPU utilization, it somehow tanks whole GPU (making it run at 100% load). Deleting the TOP won’t help - the only way to get rid of this side effect is to restart the project. I feel like it is related to DirectShow (the default library choice when adding Video Device In TOP). I am super happy to find this, as now I can sleep well (knowing that my project won’t start lagging in production) :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, I thought you might be interested in this behavior, so I have recorded a demo video which you can download here:

EDIT, Michel: The original issue was discussed in the following thread and had to do with some mouse lag that seems unrelated to this secondary issue.

And @monty_python

Thanks for the report and sharing files.

I will be looking into it and try to reproduce.


Hey @monty_python

Great video, thanks. Sadly I cannot quite reproduce here.

  • Were you able to reproduce the same issue on another machine ?

  • If you open the project with the Video Device In already set, what happens ?

  • If you change the direct show device to be another device than your integrated webcam, what happens ?

Thank you for your time,


@JetXS thanks for looking at the files.

I will test these scenarios, but it will take me a bit more time. If it wouldn’t be a problem for you, I would postpone this until get past the deadline I am approaching right now (I have a show coming up this month, but once it is done, I will get back to this). Would that be ok? Thanks.

Yes, if you don’t have use of this on your show no worries then.

Just note that, to me, the Lister COMP / perform mode mouse lag doesn’t seem to have anything to do with this Video Device high resource usages.

They are likely 2 different issues.


I am using Video Device In, but with blackmagic library, which is working nicely (no problem there). :slight_smile:

Yes, absolutely, I just mixed up them in this thread (sorry for that).

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I’ll split the threads for clarity.

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Hello @JetXS,

I am sorry about the delay - it took me a while to get back to this.
However, I have just realized that delay was actually a good thing as I have tested this now and the problem is gone. :smile:

I recall I gave it a quick look back when 2022.31030 came out and the problem was there, but now it works like a charm. Since I haven’t done any modifications to my system except some Windows updates, I am guessing there really was something bad happening on Directshow side and the updates fixed it. :man_shrugging:

This was sort of like a forgotten Christmas gift. I am marking this fixed. :smile:

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