FIXED: How do I catch a memory leak?

My project is continually eating up more and more ram every second (about 7mb/sec).

Taskmgr_zEOyjXIy0T < task manager

I’m trying to use Probe, but unfortunately there’s a bug where in CPU Memory view, LMB navigates up, and also, hovering an OP doesn’t show a live view on the left bar like CPU/GPU time does. Also, in the root path, Probe is only reporting 175mb (not the 18GB I’m seeing in task manager). I know there’s a memory leak because when my ram runs out, lots of windows programs start to crash with out of memory errors…

In any case, what is the best way to hunt down which OPs are eating up more and more ram every second? Is probe the only way to see how much CPU ram an OP uses?

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Yeah, a leak wouldn’t be caught by probe. The best way is to delete parts of your project until you see the leak go away. Then you can narrow down the OP that has the bug. Sorry you are having a memory leak bug! We can fix it if you send an sample.

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Following up to say that this leak was fixed by the amazing Derivative team, who reproduced the issue and then let me test an internal build 2022.29770 against my .toe

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Hi Malcolm,

I think the same problem occurred in my project. When my project ran for some time, it crashed and showed “run out of CPU memory.” I saw the committed size goes up and then become full before it crashes or just (no response), like the photo shows.

I am using the NvidiaFlexSolver in my project. I deleted part of my project nodes and narrowed it down to NvidiaFlexSolver. Are there any approaches to free the RAM and committed size automately in TouchDesigner node?

I enclosed my project demo (simulated my NvidiaFlexSolver’s parameters), hope this can be helpful.

And looking forwards for you reply.

tdtest.toe (8.7 KB)

Thanks for the report. We’ve logged the issue and will look into it.