[FIXED] I can't see the menus anymore on any build

Hello, a couple of days ago after restarting of TD my menus missed. I tried to reinstall, uninstall first, install any other builds…stable one, last two experimentals, but nothing helps. I’m using Windows 7 x64. Can someone help me, please?

try upgrading you graphics drivers to the latest version available.

I tried. The weird thing is that i have also 088build separately, but there is everything ok.

The last thing which i did before MENU disappeared, i turned off “Search External Python Path Last” option and restarted TD.

Hi @elnurio

could you go to /ui/dialogs/mainmenu and see what is wrong with the Container COMP called menu?


Hello Markus. When i open new default project in new build (099 stable or experimental), i haven’t that container ‘ui’.
But in 088 TD i see this container.

Thank you.

I copied UI container from 088 to 099…and here is error in dialogs…

Inside ui/dialogs/menu_op


the /ui container is hidden in 099 but you can get to it by pasting or typing the path into the address bar.
Yu can also make use of F10: Hover with your mouse over for example the wiki button and hit F10 - a new pane will pop open taking you to here the button is build.

The ui container from 088 wont work in 099.


Yes, found it.

It looks like you have a version conflict between python versions. While TouchDesigner is using Python 3.7.2 64 bit, it looks like you have 3.8 32bit installed.

You can open the Preference Dialog with Alt+p and then turn back on the option to search the External Python Path last.


Thanks a lot, I forgot of Alt+p. The menu is back. :slight_smile: